Setting off

Créditos de la imagen: Corey Templeton  CC-BY-SA

Créditos de la imagen: Corey Templeton CC-BY-SA

Today we start a journey. A journey on our folding bikes that will last several months, and during which we will visit schools –both public and private– where children guide their own learning. But we're not on holiday. We've been working hard (and will continue to do so) to make this experience something more than an anecdote, to use it as an instrument that will allow our kids to know a different kind of education to the one we had.

We will be sharing everything that we discover and learn through this blog, on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The idea is to turn this journey into an outreach campaign, so that a more democratic pedagogy –one that fosters critical thinking and a lifelong passion for learning– is integrated into the public school system. This is not impossible: already two elementary schools in Spain are applying non-directive education. But there could be many more.

Last week we organized a round table discussion. We've been interviewed on Antena 3 TV. And our journey hasn't even started yet! But we're not after fame nor fortune. We're doing this so that the kids who are sitting in a classroom right now, feeling bored and with no alternative (most of the time) but to shut up and obey, can get to know a school where they will feel alive, and free.