Dropping anchor

We've made it! We're back home. As I got off the saddle I felt the impulse of kissing my bike –my companion during so many hours, with whom I have spent such good times, and with whom I have shared so much sweat. I feel happy that the three of us are here, now, back home, because it means everything has gone well, that the only things we've lost along the way have been fear and indecision, and we've found so much instead... For a novice cyclist like me it's quite an achievement, I can assure you.

I could say that we have 'left behind the schools we've visited, the people who have welcomed us and supported us...' but it wouldn't be true. We haven't left all that behind, we still have to tell others about it, to write it down before our memory betrays us, to attempt to get you (our readers) as excited as we are about it all. I can already tell you that we shall need many posts (twelve schools and dozens of interviews can provide much food for thought). I would also like to add that this summer will be very intense for Diego and myself: we need to organise our 'Spanish tour', that will commence in September, featuring schools in our country. We also want to let people know about our project: the general public, the media, like-minded associations, social networks, etc. We want to start working on publicising the documentary we're preparing with all the footage we've filmed and that we shall film yet. And we want you to come with us on this journey that, far from reaching an end now, is only just beginning.

I won't carry on much longer for now, we have something cooking and will bring it out in no time, but I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to all of you who are following this project that keeps growing and developing a life of its own as we pedal along, to those of you who have hosted us and have given us strength to carry on, to those of you who have shared your experience and your passion for education with us on camera, to those of you who have opened the doors of your schools and offered us your smiles. To all of you, thank you! We'll be back soon!